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Project Overview 

A new wood chip production facility is being proposed on the site of the Bald Mountain Quarry in west Saint John. J.D. Irving, Limited is proposing to repurpose part of the property for this project, which is the subject of a separate EIA being filed concurrently with the provincial Department of Environment. The Bald Mountain Quarry site is close to the mill. This project will reduce carbon emissions and reduce costs associated with more efficient chip deliveries. Refurbishment and extension of the site’s rail capability will enable pulpwood to be received at the site via rail.

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Aerial view facing northeast.
Chip Facility Rendering with Labels
Labelled rendering of chip facility.

Project Benefits

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Carbon Footprint

Reduced use of diesel flail chippers and less vehicle emissions resulting in a smaller carbon footprint.
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Reduced Waste

The chip facility will allow us to process treetops (pulpwood) that may otherwise be left in the woods and the bark will be used for green energy at the mill.

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The construction of the chip facility is expected to provide employment and contract opportunities for local companies and individuals.

Project Location

Location Map 2

Site history

The chip facility will be built on the site of a previous JDI sawmill, the South Bay Sawmill which was in operation from 1955 to 1966. 

The site has operated as a rock quarry by Gulf Operators Ltd. since 2000, called Bald Mountain Quarry. 

This won’t be the first time this site has had wood chipping operations. Wood chipping occurred here when the original sawmill operated and more recently from 2008 to 2010 on an infrequent basis.

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View of South Bay sawmill beside the river in the early 1960s.


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The chipper will be housed in a building specifically engineered to reduce noise.
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The chip facility is housed inside a building to prevent excess dust.
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The lighting is engineered to minimize the impact on local residents.
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An existing private JDI road, constructed in 2006, will be used for chip deliveries up to 24 hours per day, avoiding additional use of public roads.


We invite questions and comments about our proposal. We're committed to working with the community, our neighbours and different levels of government to develop an approach that works for everyone. 



Read our Environmental Impact Assessment (PDF - 15MB).

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